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Movidius - Solution to dispatcherEventSend -1 io error (NCSDK 2)


** This is a suggested solution, not a problem. **

There has been quite a few people lately who seem to have problems with making the examples of the NCSDK 2 on a VM. After a few days of work I finally managed to solve the problem on my end, so here is the solution that will hopefully help others in the same situation.

MY CONFIGURATION: Using Movidius' NCS on a Windows 10 host and Ubuntu 16.04 guest in VirtualBox. Fresh NCSDK 2.08 install.

Step 1:

In the running Ubuntu VM, go to ~/ncsdk/api/scr/common/components/XLink/pc/.

Step 2:

Open XLinkPlatform.c in a text/code editor.

*For NCSDK 2.05 users: The file is called UsbLinkPlatform.c

Step 3:

At approx. line 248 (just Ctrl-F the following), change the condition:

if (ss > 1024*1024*10)
    ss = 1024*1024*10;


if (ss > 1024*1024)
    ss = 1024*1024;

(don't forget to save the file; do chmod if needed for permissions)

Step 4:

In ~/ncsdk/api/src/, run the command:

sudo make install


*If for some reason you don't have libusb.h and get errors about it, try running this command first:

sudo apt-get install libusb-1.0-0-dev


Step 5:

In ~/ncsdk/examples/, run:



The examples should now run correctly (you should see the results of the inference by the various models and such).

As for an explanation, I sadly do not quite understand what causes this bug specifically, but I would think that it is related to either:

  •     The VM's capacity;
  •     The NCS's capacity;
  •     Some USB limitations/problems with latest releases of either NCSDK or Windows 10.

Anyway, if this doesn't work, try lowering even more the number in the condition (Step 3).

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Hi Mathieu,

This is the computer-vision forum which is for posting issues that are pertaining to OpenVINO. For NCSDK 2 issues please use Movidius forums here and if you get a chance try out OpenVINO with your model here is a starter thread to help your understand the translation between NC SDK components and OpenVINO components.

Kind Regards,

Monique Jones

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