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Moving from NCS to OpenVINO



I am moving from NCS2 on RPI 3B+ to OpenVino with the NCS stick 1. I am using an OS that I built using which also supports RPI3 B+. So with NCS2 SDK (and NCS1 SDK) all I had to compile was a little library( that only required libusb and that worked without any problems. It seems now, there is no source available for having the same functionality. I tried the raspbian9 binaries, but they give me a SIGILL. I compiled a minimal example program that does an inference. It seems it crashes already just after reading the IR xml file, and before reading the IR bin file. So it is in the:

        CNNNetReader network_reader;

Readnetwork call that it goes wrong already.

I ran this very same binary program I compiled using my own toolchain on an official raspbian9 OS and there it runs and works correctly.

So any ideas what might be wrong on the supporting side in my OS? 

The obvious great solution for me would be that I can compile the libraries that are needed for inference myself, but it seems the source for is missing. Also, is there a way I could get that maybe under some NDA or something if you don't want to opensource it?

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