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MyriadX+OpenVINO sample crashes after 10-20 seconds


I use:

  • x86_64 CPU Atom
  • 2 x Myriad X
  • Ubuntu 16.04 TLS
  • g++ 5.4.0
  • OpenVINO 2019.1.144


I run MyriadX+OpenVINO sample object_detection_yolov3_async successfully, it successfully detects objects the first 10 seconds, but application crashes after 10-20 seconds with such an error:


E: [xLink] [ 460744] dispatcherEventSend:924 Write failed header -1 | event XLINK_WRITE_REQ   E: [xLink] [ 460744] eventSchedulerRun:584 Event sending failed E: [xLink] [ 460839] dispatcherEventReceive:347 dispatcherEventReceive() Read failed -4 | event 0x7fecb67fbc60   E: [xLink] [ 460839] eventReader:233 eventReader stopped E: [xLink] [ 460840] XLinkReadDataWithTimeOut:1343 Event data is invalid E: [ncAPI] [ 460840] ncFifoReadElem:3353 Packet reading is failed. E: [watchdog] [ 461743] sendPingMessage:132 Failed send ping message: X_LINK_ERROR







What can cause such an error?

Could this be a lack of power or overheating?


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Hi ABoch5,


Could you share a little more information about the model you are using?

  • Is it tiny YOLOv3 or the full YOLOv3?
  • Is it a pre-trained or custom trained model?
  • Could you share the model?
  • Could you share the full command used to convert the model with the model optimizer?


We recently released the OpenVINO toolkit 2019 R2. Could you update to the latest release and let me know if you see the same issue?


You also mentioned using two Myriad X devices, are you using the Intel Neural Compute Stick 2? The sample code will only utilize one device, did you make any modifications to the sample code?


Other users have seen this error when the device is not receiving enough power, could you try using a powered USB hub?





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