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Not able to run Openvino demos


Hi all,

I have been able to build the openvino demos, by running build_demos_msvc.bat from C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino_2019.3.379\deployment_tools\inference_engine\demos>.

The binaries are stored in 'C:\Users\folder_name\Documents\Intel\OpenVINO\omz_demos_build\intel64\Release folder. I have copied all the required dlls to run the binaries in the same folder. The models are downloaded in a separate folder using the model downloader tool.  For human_pose_estimation_0001, I have saved the xml and bin files.


When I try to run the demo human_pose_estimation_demo.exe after giving the video path and the xml location, I get the following error:

        API version ............ 2.1
        Build .................. 32974
        Description ....... API
Parsing input parameters
[ ERROR ] Error loading xmlfile: C:\Users\folder_name\Documents\Intel\OpenVINO\omz_demos_build\intel64\Release\plugins.xml, File was not found at line: 1 pos: 0

I get the same error while trying to run other sample demos as well. I am using openvino_2019.3.379. Please let me know if any other information is required to help me resolve this issue. I was able to run image classification and security barrier examples mentioned in the verification step of installation without any issues. I am on windows 10.


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Hi Nair, Alka,

It is not required to copy the dll files as they are automatically created in the below directory while building the samples


I was able to run the demo successfully without copying the dlls using the following command:

human_pose_estimation_demo.exe -i "C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\head-pose-face-detection-female-and-male.mp4" -m "C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino_2019.3.379\deployment_tools\tools\model_downloader\intel\human-pose-estimation-0001\FP32\human-pose-estimation-0001.xml"

There is a similar issue in the other thread. Please give a try if you still facing the issue.

Best Regards,

Ram prasad

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