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OPenVino Query on getting /samples/classification_sample to execute



1) I have installed the OpenVINO distribution on an ASUS I5 running Windows10,with all updates.

2) Both demo examples have been built and run OK for CPU and MYRIAD target cases ( the latter on my MOVIDIUS NCS) using the demo batch files:



3) I have taken timeout to study cmake to better understand its function, at least in a rudimentary fashion to build, generate and install targets.

4) I have taken the classification_ example as representative to attempt to build, generate and install to try this model. C:\Intel\computer_vision_sdk\deployment_tools\inference_engine\samples\classification_sample

5) I do not understand exactly what files must be user specified executed to form an installed executable ( under MSVC) for this classification_ example model.

6) I note that


create_msvc2017_solution.bat appears to build the entire set of examples in the users space.

7) I do not understand how to generate the target executables libraries etal or how to install

the same. on the host computer.


I shall be grateful to receive guidance on what these user specified files are as  needed  to execute the


Thanks in advance


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