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OpenVINO for PYNQ boards ?


are there any plans to support NCS2 on the PYNQ platform ? I need to get my NCS2 running on a PYNQ-Z2 board. It was working properly with the original Moevidius stick. However, to get the NCS2 detected, OpenVINO installation is mandatory. But during installation (the board runs an Ubuntu-Linux), I am getting the rror message "The IA-32 architecture host installationis no longer supported". In another thread I learned that OpenVINO toolkit does no longer support 32 bit platforms since 2017. Is it possible to get a 2016 toolkit from somewhere ? Or is there any other way to enable the NCS2 on a PYNQ-Z2 or PYNQ-Z1 board ?

Thank you !

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Thank you for reaching out.

You are right, OpenVINO™ toolkit is only supported in 64bit platforms as this is a system requirement for installing it now. There is no option to download an OpenVINO™ 2016 version. As you want to use the Intel® Neural Compute Stick 2, we recommend using the latest release from OpenVINO™ toolkit for optimal operation. Also, there is an Open Sourced version of the OpenVINO™ toolkit that you can try to build on the PYNQ board.



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