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OpenVINO, start fails

Good day.

I began work with OpenVINO and I've got some troubles.

  1. Can anyone say which settings I should set in MSVC project for using of OpenVINO and OpenCV? I created console appllication and it can't include OpenVINO and OpenCV headers and can't link with their libs.
  2. Is anywhere minimal (very minimal) workable project? Samples are too complicable, there are many dependencies. I need see useless project with one function main, which initialize neural net (primitive net, for example NN for xor-function) and sets it for work with primitive input. This helps me understand how to write more complex applications.
  3. Where can I read list of exceptions? I found API description on link , but I didn't find there description of potential errors for functions.
  4. I created project (replaced code of sample mask_rcnn_demo , because of 1 and 2 problem). I gave to it NN from example security_barrier_camera_demo . Calling of auto executable_network = core.LoadNetwork(network, "CPU"); throw an exception with text: Unsupported primitive of type: DetectionOutput name: DetectionOutput_ . Where is my fail?

Code of my project main.cpp is in attached file.

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Hi Zabeth,

This project link inference-tutorials-generic is helpful to create MSVC project.


This link is for linux OS, but I need for windows. We've got troubles just with windows.



Hi Zabeth,

CMake is platform neutral. Configure the build chain required. That project works fine for windows also. I use VS2015 and this project supports up to OpenVINO 2019 R1.0. I do something like this in the command line to generate Visual Studio solution, set the lib and headers if missing -

"C:\Program Files (x86)\IntelSWTools\openvino\bin\setupvars.bat"

git clone

cd inference-tutorials-generic

git checkout openvino_toolkit_2019_r1_0

cd face_detection_tutorial

#I manually download the model files said in scripts/

cd step_4

mkdir build

cd build

cmake -DCMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Debug -G "Visual Studio 14 2015 Win64" ../



Dear Corvid, Zabeth,

For this error 

Unsupported primitive of type: DetectionOutput name: DetectionOutput_ .

You most likely forgot to 

ie.AddExtension(std::make_shared<Extensions::Cpu::CpuExtensions>(), "CPU");

Also these links may help you for using MSBuild with Visual Studio. MSBuild are the build tools Visual Studio uses but they work with CMakeList.txt files. As Hemanth said, we use cmake which is OS/platform agnostic.


CMakeLists.txt for demos