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Python sample problems


I can run the C++ executable of "object detection sample ssd" with Intel's person detection model (person-detection-retail-0013) with no problems.  If I run it with the Python script of with just input and model arguments I get:

[ INFO ] Reading IR...
[ ERROR ] Following layers are not supported by the plugin for specified device CPU:
 detection_out, mbox1/priorbox
[ ERROR ] Please try to specify cpu extensions library path in demo's command line parameters using -l or --cpu_extension command line argument

If I add the cpu extension library argument for cpu_extensions.dll, the plugin load line (exec_net = plugin.load(network=net, num_requests=2) causes the process to terminate.  No exception, the Python process just terminates.

Obviously I am missing something but at this point I am out of ideas.  Anyone have any insight to what is going on?

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It dawned on me that I had seen this behavior before with Python and OpenVino.  It occurs when the the inference engine dll is a release version ant the dll you are attempting to use is a debug version.  I rebuilt the cpu extension dll as a release version and problem solve.