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Questions about Person Counter


I am trying out your project from Intel Reference implementations,
Currently i am exploring the People Counter on a Intel Upsquared AI Vision X Developer Kit.

Video of the working of program in my machine(

I am facing some problems :

1) Does the program can handle the occlusion or Reappearing of objects.

I get wrong total counts when the bounding box disapears and appears for the same person in a split second.

2) I have gone through the  program written in C++ and my doubt " How you calculate the total count by using the frame count "

I can understand the equation included in the program, but while logically thinking ..,it seems the total count is not correct.

Can u state how it works, for better understanding !

To me while thinking the equation does like this:

for example we take 3 frames in a video

For the

Frame 1 has 2 persons
Frame 2 has 0 persons (the persons in the 1st frame got exited from the video)
Frame 3 has 2 persons

So the Total Count must be 4.

But by your equation in the program is,

totalCount += currentCount - lastCount

so its like adding total count to the value you get from (currentCount - lastCount)

Frame 1:

0 += 2-0
0 +=2
so totalCount = 2

Frame 2:

2 += 0-2
2 += 2

so totalCount = 4

Frame 3:

4 += 2-4
4 += 2

so totalCount = 6

Is this how it works ...?
While executing the program it seems to work correct... can you explain like this?

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Could you you provide me more info regarding your official references and the official link of the sample code that you are using so that I could investigate more? (for example: )

& also your OS




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