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Relationship between Infer Requests, Streams and Threads ( benchmarking app)


I am trying to understand the relationship between inference requests, streams and threads on CPU. I've a yolo v3 model that i am bench-marking with  the benchmarking app and here is my setup:

-Openvino 2021.1 running in docker container

-Core i7 9700k (8 cores, 8 threads)

- 16 gigs RAM

benchmark app results at different  parameters are as follows:

mode: async

n_streams n_threads cpu cores at 100% usage FPS
4 auto 8 11.2
4 1 4 6
4 2 4 6
4 3 4 6
4 4 4 6
4 7 4 6
4 8 8 11.2


From the above results, my questions are :

-why increasing threads from 1 to 7 doesn't make any change in  FPS and why only half of the cores are at max usage and then climb to 100% at 8 threads? Is it OpenVino's default behavior to use cores in powers of 2? 

-Also, sync mode always uses 50% of the cores, does this scale to any machine? like if a machine has 24 cores and 8 threads, will a single infer request use 12 cores to 100% usage?

- does 1 infer request means 1 stream launched by openvino?  like are they equivalent? cz there is a separate option in benchmark app for infer_reqs, hence the confusion

- how openvino maps streams to threads and how to control this mapping in my app. like if i want to use 4 streams and restrict my  OV app to 1 thread, whats the way to do it. 


My goal here is to measure the performance of a model on some intel machines with x number of cores and y threads and by understanding the these relationships, being able to reliably estimate the performance of the model on an arbitrary intel CPU with a cores and b threads.


I understand that its a long post but would really appreciate some insights.

Thanks a lot.





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