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Removed and deprecated cli options still present on the -h information / docs.

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I was trying to convert the attached mxnet model using OpenVINO 2021.4.689 using the following cli options:
* --generate_deprecated_IR_V7

* --legacy_ir_generation


Command line used:

(openvino_2021_4_689_py36) C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689>python deployment_tools\model_optimizer\ --input_model C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\mxnet_models\RetinaFace-0000.params --static_shape --input_shape (1,3,640,640) --output_dir openvino_models\ --generate_deprecated_IR_V7 --legacy_ir_generation
[ WARNING ] Use of removed cli option '--generate_deprecated_IR_V7' detected. The option is ignored.
[ WARNING ] Use of deprecated cli option --legacy_ir_generation detected. Option use in the following releases will be fatal.
Model Optimizer arguments:
Common parameters:
- Path to the Input Model: C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\mxnet_models\VisionBox.Foxtrot.FaceDetector-0000.params
- Path for generated IR: C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\openvino_models\
- IR output name: VisionBox.Foxtrot.FaceDetector-0000
- Log level: ERROR
- Batch: Not specified, inherited from the model
- Input layers: Not specified, inherited from the model
- Output layers: Not specified, inherited from the model
- Input shapes: (1,3,640,640)
- Mean values: Not specified
- Scale values: Not specified
- Scale factor: Not specified
- Precision of IR: FP32
- Enable fusing: True
- Enable grouped convolutions fusing: True
- Move mean values to preprocess section: None
- Reverse input channels: False
MXNet specific parameters:
- Deploy-ready symbol file: None
- Enable MXNet loader for models trained with MXNet version lower than 1.0.0: False
- Prefix name for args.nd and argx.nd files: None
- Pretrained model to be merged with the .nd files: None
- Enable saving built parameters file from .nd files: False
- Use the config file: None
- Inference Engine found in: C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\python\python3.6\openvino
Inference Engine version: 2021.4.1-3926-14e67d86634-releases/2021/4
Model Optimizer version: 2021.4.1-3926-14e67d86634-releases/2021/4
[ WARNING ] Using fallback to produce IR.
[ SUCCESS ] Generated IR version 10 model.
[ SUCCESS ] XML file: C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\openvino_models\VisionBox.Foxtrot.FaceDetector-0000.xml
[ SUCCESS ] BIN file: C:\Users\cesar.gouveia\Projects\openvino_2021.4.689\openvino_models\VisionBox.Foxtrot.FaceDetector-0000.bin
[ SUCCESS ] Total execution time: 13.64 seconds.
It's been a while, check for a new version of Intel(R) Distribution of OpenVINO(TM) toolkit here or on the GitHub*


If these options are not available in the later versions why they are still present in the -h option?



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Hello Cesar Gouveia,


We noticed that this is a duplicated issue from the following thread. If you need any additional information from Intel, please submit a new question since this thread is no longer being monitored.




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