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Someone achieve Openvino Install with components abbreviation in silent mode?



I'm trying to make a silent install with only the components i need, but i follow the indications in silent.cfg but it result with this error:

COMPONENTS parameter in silent configuration file contains invalid values


Checking again the component abbreviation instructions i figured out the naming must be intel-component-0123.4-567__arch

based in:

#comppat - the component abbreviation (intel-component-0123.4-567__arch), use installer command line option to get it

Going into command line options to get the component names and there's no option to get the names in the correct format. Just show the name of the component i.e. Computer Vision Algorithms

i tried:

  • intel-Computer_Vision_Algorithms-2018.5-445__noarch
  • (intel-Computer_Vision_Algorithms-2018.5-445__noarch)

without results.

Then i go to RPM downloaded folder and RPM names are i.e: intel-algorithms_ubuntu2018.5.445-2018.5-2018.5-445.noarch.rpm

Some examples of values i tried:

  • intel-algorithms_ubuntu2018.5.445-2018.5.445.noarch.rpm
  • intel-algorithms_ubuntu2018.5.445-2018.5.445.noarch
  • (intel-algorithms_ubuntu2018.5.445-2018.5.445.noarch.rpm)
  • intel-algorithms_ubuntu2018.5.445-2018.5.445.noarch.rpm
  • and many variants...

All this tries without success, if someone knows a way to make work the correct component abbreviation i'll be gratefull.


Jesus Morales

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Here it goes the list of the components available in l_openvino_toolkit_p_2018.5.455.tgz:

intel-inference_engine_sdk__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-inference_engine_cpu__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-inference_engine_gpu__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-inference_engine_vpu__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-inference_engine_gna__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-inference_engine_hddl__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-model_optimizer__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-opencv_ubuntu_16_rel__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-algorithms_ubuntu__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-media_stack__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-models__noarch, version: 2018.5
intel-openvx_ubuntu__noarch, version: 2018.5


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