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Testing problem with OpenVINO running on docker based on Ubuntu


I happened to find a guide written by a Chinese Intel enginner, which is mainly about how to deploy OpenVINO with the help of Linux docker. The link of that guide is  . The OpenVINO toolkit I downloaded is the version for Linux with FPGA support. When I was trying to run the demo, I found that in the directory  /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools//inference_engine/samples/build/intel64/Release  , there was no such a file named security_barrier_camera_sample, which is mentioned in the above guide and was used as test case in that guide. I thought it may result from the toolkit version difference, but I cannot figure out how to run a demo in my case.

The following picture is the capture of my terminal showing all the fiiles in the directory  /opt/intel/computer_vision_sdk/deployment_tools//inference_engine/samples/build/intel64/Release . How to test whether the installation of OpenVINO is totally successful in my case? What's more, is that feasible to test my Movidius Neural Compute Stick II at the same time? I am a beginner and it will be my great pleasure if you can give your instruction in detail. THX!

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