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[URGENT] Errors during video text recognition/detection using openVINO, east text detection and openCV in Python


I am having several problems, mainly with some error regarding the frame when attempting to use the webcam, and so the video feed will not pop up. Also in my image text detection/recognition algorithm, it only seems to be able to detect and recognize one piece of text (usually just one word), how do i make it so that it can detect multiple instances of text. I also fed the image algorithm a license plate, but the output was far from desireable. How do I improve the algorithm to make it more suited for lisence plates? (maybe using KNN instead of pytesseract? but i may need help on implementation.)

attached below is the code and the other files in a folder within a zip file.

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Dear Widyatmodjo, Kevin,

For issues with your webcam and video feed (OpenCV in general), kindly ask your questions on the following forums:

The OpenVino DEMOS Readme matches the model to the sample or demo which uses that model. So for instance The Security Barrier Camera Demo uses the license-plate-recognition-barrier-x models.  Perhaps these resources will help you ?

Let me know,



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