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Ubuntu 16.04 deployment_tools/demo verification script /usr/bin/pip3 error

New Contributor I

I installed R4 openVINO in November 2018 and either didn't have this issue, or the R4 install instructions (pre Dec 19) didn't have me run the same script as the initial verification.

I installed R5 yesterday and and the verification script fails with:

File "/usr/bin/pip3"

    from pip import main

    ImportError: cannot import name 'main"

I went back to the system I'd installed R4 on to see what is going on and it failed this time.  I assume its something with the virtual environment setup or some recent Ubuntu updates.


Short answer, I got the verification script to run by changing line 128 in the R4

to be pip_binary=pip instead of pip_binary=pip3


I assume the same change will verify my R5 installation, I'll follow up if it does not.


I haven't found much on updating R4 to R5 yet.


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