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visual studio run of samples is not working.

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    I am trying to run samples of openvino using visual studio 2015. All samples are built fine, but when i try running it pops up saying

opencv_world400d.dll and inference_engine.dll is not found ....and i am unable to run nor debug.

Openvino version :R4,(computer_vision_sdk_2018.4.420)


Attached screen shots of errors.

Any ideas please .



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Exact same problem on R5.  My R5 install on Linux worked fine after fixing some permissions problems (stuff installed into my home directory as root)

Did you ever find a solution?


Do you by any chance have a space in your "user name"  (aka &USERPROFILE%)?  The Windows10 system given to me for the installation did, seems there no reasonable way to change it and it has caused all kids of grief installing and verifying.

I built the samples with MSVC2017 so its pretty clear to me the Windows equivalent of ldconfig on Linux didn't happen on our installations.


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