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Hit point

Hi, is it possible to get the hit point according to the simulated surface? What I mean is, take a sphere for example, made of triangles so it is not perfectly round but made of flat section (the triangles). The hit point returned is the point on the triangle itself and I would like to also have the hit point as if the sphere was perfectly round. Not only spheres but any other shapes. What I like to do is create a shape and smooth the normals (we always do that ofcourse) then when I pick a triangle, I want to zoomon it and then build a mesh over it to show the actual shape of the triangle, not the flat shape, but the shape based on the normals, more like color interpolation does but in this case, height interpolation or whatever. I tried interpolating the normals (face normal and vertex normals) at the hit point and the same with the distance of the hit pioint to each vertex multiplying both to get the hit point distance from the triangle but it doesn't seem to work right. Any ideas if this can be done?
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