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rtcSetTransform instance positioning



How do the positioning of instances exactly work? I know that rtcSetTransform convert from local to world space, but positioning seems very weird. Let me explain what I do and what it does...

I create a cube at origin (0,0,0) and instantiate it at (10,0,0) all works well. If I rotate the instance, all works well.

Now, create the cube at origin (100,50,-300) and instantiate it at (10,0,0) (which I assume it is the offset from the master) again all works well, the instance is positioned at origin+(10,0,0). BUT, if I rotate the instance, it is no longer positioned at origin+(10,0,0), it is way out some place not even close to where it should be!

The documentation doesn't explain anything about this. Can anyone please explain to me what I'm doing wrong?



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