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Cant sync QuestaSim license with Quartus prime lite 21.1


I have downloaded the license file and have done the necessary configurations but when I open    Questa sim error occurs. I noticed that others in this forum to have similar problems. If anyone knows what to do kindly reply and inform me. Some person asked for additional details in the comment of related posts so I have attached these photos

No lm license file variable is visible for me in the environment variables. 

Machine OS information has been attached.

NIC ID is visible in the pic of license setup page of Quartus.

license.dat file couldn t be uploaded here as .dat file is not supported.




intel uary 6.JPGintel uary 5.JPGintel uary 4.JPG





intel uary3.JPGafter downloading the license

intel uary2.JPG

intel uery 1.JPG

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