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DSP Builder quartus licence lets me compile HDL only once then tells me it's expired.


Just had to move my Quartus 14.1 and Matlab DSP builder to a new windows PC. 

I have Quartus up and running now, moved the license via the Intel license page, and similarly I have Matalab installed and the license updated. Matlab itself runs fine as well. 

Here's the weird thing - I can compile a Verilog import module in my DSP builder diagram just once.  The second time I try to (in a given session) it errors, and tells me my 30 day quartus eval is over.


I guess I can always quit and restart Matlab for every HDL compile, but this is not really an option. 

Matlab seems to "wake up" in my Quartus 14.1 folder as expected, not sure what else to check. 

Did I miss a step when installing these on my new PC?



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Ok, now it's working properly as expected.. I made no changes to the installation/setup.  Ok then, never mind!  (yeesh).


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