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Have installed Quartus 2 web edition 32 bit. Interactive tutorials will not open when I click on them.


I'm a complete beginner to this so apologies if this is something stupid.

When the Quartus software loads you get the option to work through the interactive tutorial. Clicking on this brings up an intro video which on my PC is loaded from 'C:\altera\12.0\quartus\common\help\tutorial' and opened with internet explorer.

At the end it gives you the option to either click next or to click on buttons for the subsequent tutorials but when I do nothing happens.

There is a movie_htms folder in the folder that the intro video is loaded from which seems to have a lot of tutorial videos which appear to be the subjects broken up into lots of segments. Regrettably they are not quite titled the same as the tutorials and going through and trying to order them would be a lengthy task.

Does anybody have any suggestions or can they suggest alternative introductory tutorials to the software?



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Hi Steve,


You can go through introductory tutorials from the below link under Curriculum Fundamental part-1 and you can find the training for the Quartus software foundation online training.