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How can I obtain an Altera Quartus 13.1 university License?


Dear all, I'm a student and in my laboratory we have some Stratix-v FPGA boards, so we need to have a Free and Full license regarding the University program, but unfortunately web pages related to this licensing programs are down for many days. anyone know how can I do that?

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Hi Amin, 


Kindly try log-in through Intel FPGA link below and click 'My Intel' icon right top, and look for Intel FPGA University Program.


Plus, you can refer link below for available devices that allocate for FPGA University Program.


Stratix-V devices only available in Quartus Standard which you need to purchase to use it. Refer link below.


Let me know if this has helped resolve the issue you are facing or if you need any further assistance.

Thank you. 



Dear Calvin,

Many thanks for your reply,


so does it mean that university licensing is just dedicated to that boards in the list?


and if we could get a university license with this form request(that is always down!) it wouldn't include all the boards and devices and softwares such as Quartus II !


but I know some other guys in other universities could get Quartus Altera free license in Altera university program! when Altera Company wasn't integrate to Intel company.


Do you know whats the reason that Intel limited the university support! which was available before!


Thanks a bunch


Hi Amin, Apologize for delayed response. Yes, listed boards only available for university program. Plus, university license only can be use for listed devices only. For Stratix-V devices you have to purchase Quartus Standard. Thank you.