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How i can generate License?


Hello guys,

My university bought one fpga cyclone V (de_1) a long years ago.

Now, i need use her and for it i need install the quartus ii and openclsdk standard and i need a license file.

How i can associate my fpga to generate one license?

I shared all forum, but i dont find anything.

Thank you so much guys

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Hi Sergio,


Here is quick overview what you should do


  1. Activate device (de_1 soc cyclone v)
  2. Obtain necessary hardware information
  3. Request a license file from Self-Service Licensing Center Home 
  4. Setup license (assuming your use fixed license)


All the step there you can refer to this link below for details


(from page 22-25)


For openclsdk v17.1 does not require an OpenCL license. For earlier versions, you either have to buy a license, or if you are university student, you can ask your supervisor to join Altera/Intel's university program through which you can get free licenses.