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OpenCL kernel compilation for a DE10-standard board via OpenCL SDK Windows 7

New Contributor I

I am trying to compile OpenCL kernel for a DE10-standard board via OpenCL SDK Windows 7 using the command:



C:\intelFPGA\18.0\hld\board\de10_standard\test\hello_world\device>aoc -o bin\hello_world.aocx -board=de10_standard_sharedonly -v -report



It outputs as in the attachment.


Apparently it cannot find a top.sof file




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Hi, What version of compiler is recommended by Terasic ? Try compiling with the "c5soc" BSP that comes with OpenCL compiler installer package and see if you still face same issue. In case issue happens only with Terasci BSP please report it to Terasic. Thanks, Arslan