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Questa Intel Edition licensing


Hi all,


I am trying to evaluate possibility of using UVM for testing our designs. Since we are targeting Intel FPGAs I would like to use Questa Intel Edition simulator (the free simulator from Intel). However, when I try run my UVM simulation, I receive following error:

     # ** Error: Failure to checkout svverification license feature.
# ** Fatal: (vsim-7099) Unable to check out a verification license for the randomize() feature.
 According to my understanding of this message, calling of randomize() function requires additional license. However, even after several hours searching I was not able to find much about this additional feature. Specifically,
Is it something that must be bought or I just need to activate it somewhere?
Is it part of the Questa Intel Starter edition (the simulator that can be bought from Intel)?
Must I buy it from mentor as part of Questa Prime?
Is there any way how to obtain evaluation license which would allow one developer to use it until the end of June, so we could evaluate if we, as a company, are willing to invest into such tool?
Thank you all for reply,
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Welcome to Intel forum. From what I understand, I believe the following constructs require svverification license:

·      randomize

could you try this: specifying vsim -nocvg will turn off all coverage features. See how things go.




thank you for your answer. Yes I agree with your conclusion, that randomize requires svverification license. The main issue is how to obtain this license.

Must it be bought? If so, how much is it cost?

Is it possible to be activated for some evaluation period?

Is it even possible to use it with Intel edition of Questa?


I tried to run vsim with -nocvg parameter as you suggested but it did not help. I will try to build minimal code example to ensure that the paramer is not redefined somewhere in the build script, but I believe that it is set correctly.  Also, please keep in mind, that to run UVM in any reasonable manner, I need to call randomize() during the sequence generation, so if the issue is the randomize() call, I will need the svverification license. Therefore, could you please point me somewhere or to someone who know what it is exactly and how to obtain it?


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For purchase of a license.

Kindly contact your nearest Intel salesperson or distributor from link below:


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