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Questa Sim Intel FPGA free license doesn't work also on Windows 10




I post this message, becouse couple weeks age I tried to run Questa Sim with free license with no success, which I posted in my previous request "Questa Sim Intel FPGA free license doesn't work".  Then I was told that I should use only supported OS (I used Ubuntu 20.04.4 LTS).


So I chose Windows 10 and set up new environment based on Windows 10, but I still have the same or similar problem with license/installation.


I attach printscreens of my License Setup window and Error message window. I  also attach nativelink_simulation file which is pointed in that message and license file.


I use Quartus Prime Version 21.1.1 Build 850 06/23/2022 SJ Lite Edition. I don't know how to check Questa Sim version on Windows 10 (on Ubuntu I used "./vsim --version" command) but it is what I've got in combined files bundle download for that Quartus version.


One thing is different than it was during previous attempt. Then the nativelink_simulation.rpt file had no information where the error occured. Now the nativelink_simulation.rpt is filled with some text:


"error "$emsg" "" "issued_nl_message""
invoked from within
"if [ catch {exec $vsim_cmd -version} version_str] {
set emsg "Can't launch $tool Simulation software -- make sure the software is properly installed..."
(procedure "launch_sim" line 88)
invoked from within
"launch_sim launch_args_hash"
("eval" body line 1)
invoked from within
"eval launch_sim launch_args_hash"
invoked from within
"if [ info exists ::errorCode ] {
set savedCode $::errorCode
set savedInfo $::errorInfo
error $result $..."
invoked from within
"if [catch {eval launch_sim launch_args_hash} result ] {
set status 1
if [ info exists ::errorCode ] {
set save..."
(procedure "run_sim" line 74)
invoked from within
"run_sim run_sim_args_hash"
invoked from within
"if [ info exists ::errorCode ] {
set savedCode $::errorCode
set savedInfo $::errorInfo
error "$result" $savedInfo ..."
(procedure "run_eda_simulation_tool" line 334)
invoked from within
"run_eda_simulation_tool eda_opts_hash"


Based on my understanding of message above this issue may not be license problem, but installation problem related to Questa Sim version.


Thanks in advance,


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