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Trying to get a Questa license


Today I downloaded Quartus and would like to try a simulation. As you need a license for this I followed the link to:


What I got was a webpage which refreshed itself every few seconds. I have wasted a lot of today trying to resolve this and other subscribing problems. Having failed to get the license I went onto "chat" and was finally told that the "community" was the only way this would be resolved. So which one of you herberts is responsible for the above webpage?

Can anyone suggest an FPGA supplier who provides something that works? I am just about to withdraw my toe from Intel's water.


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You could request the Questa Sim Starter Edition free license here         

1) Go to Sign up for Evaluation or Free licenses

2) Select Questa*-Intel® FPGA Starter Edition SW-QUESTA

3) # of Seats is always 1

4) Check the T&C box

5) Click Get License button

The license will be sent to email that you register with


For more regarding Questa refer here

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