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Active serial programming not working?

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I have the DE1 development board, I followed along with the tutorials on the CD creating the 2 way light switch (XOR gate). I can upload via the JTAG programming and the code works just fine. I followed the directions to change to the EPCS4, recompiled and attempted to upload via the Active serial. Before programming i switch to the prog. mode on the board (i have also tried power cycling after i switch to prog. mode then uploading) the software claims to go to 100% with out any errors.  


I switch back to Run mode and i get nothing, power cycle the board, still nothing, all of the LEDs are dimly lit and nothing happens when you move the either/both of the switches intended to be used. I can reload the default program via active serial and it works just fine, it must be something in the software settings? Any ideas?
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