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Altera Monitor Program hangs

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Hi I'm trying to use the altera monitor program to debug. 

But it hangs while I'm loading source code. Here's what It says in the Info and Errors message box: 


Compiling source files... 

nios2-elf-as --gstabs -I E:/altera/81/nios2eds/components/altera_nios2/sdk/inc E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.s -o E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.s.o  

nios2-elf-as --gstabs -I E:/altera/81/nios2eds/components/altera_nios2/sdk/inc E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab6_b.s -o E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab6_b.s.o  


nios2-elf-ld --defsym nasys_program_mem=0x801000 --defsym nasys_data_mem=0x801000 --section-start .exceptions=0x1000020 --section-start .reset=0x1000000 -e main -u main --script E:/altera/81/nios2eds/bin/monitor/build/nios_as_build.ld -g -o E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.elf E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.s.o E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab6_b.s.o  

ELF generated at E:\Altera\msl\msl_sdk\lab5_rand.elf. 

nios2-elf-objcopy -O srec E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.elf E:/Altera/msl/msl_sdk/lab5_rand.srec  

SREC generated at E:\Altera\msl\msl_sdk\lab5_rand.srec. 

Using cable "USB-Blaster [USB-0]", device 1, instance 0x00 

Resetting and pausing target processor: OK 

Initializing CPU cache (if present) 



Downloading 00801000 ( 0%) 

Downloading 01000020 (48%) 

Downloaded 1KB in 0.0s  


Verifying 00801000 ( 0%) 

Verifying 01000020 (48%) 

Verified OK  

Connection established to GDB server at localhost:2399 

Symbols loaded. 

Source code loaded. 

INFO: Program Trace not enabled, because trace requires the Nios II processor to be configured with JTAG Debug Level 3.  



I don't see any assembly and most of the menu options are disabled. It used to work before, but now it just hangs. Can someone tell me how to solve this? 

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