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DE2 Control panel and Program errors

Honored Contributor II


i have the altera DE2 board and i have the following problems too 


when i use the control panel included in the dvd to test my FPGA it gives me error at 95% and give this message " download elf file (DE2_controlbanel.elf) fail!" 

when i try to program it by Quartus II 12.1sp1 or Quartus II 11 it gives me :failed at 60%. used JTAG mode. 

i use windows 7 (32 and 64 have the same error) 

and i use the supplied USB cable. 


note : i download the control panel V2.02 from Terasic site and still error on  

i download the control panel V1.50 from Terasic site and still error on  

i tried Quartus II v9 and v11 and v12 and the error still 


any one can help me 


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