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DE2 student project

Honored Contributor II

hi everyone . 

I'm doing my final project and I need your help , I'm new on de2 altera board so i have to ask about maybe a basic things . 

i'll talk first what i'm ganna do . 

my project suppose to detect a signal comes from human body by using LED 660nm light source and analyze it . 

so i'd like to use altera DE2 board so my questions are 

1- how to like the LED light source to DE2 board ? 

2- witch software should i use to program this board ? 

3- what language should i use to make it easy ? 


please guys help me out by giving any idea  


thanks ...
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Honored Contributor II

To program the board, the software u should use are QuartusII and NiosII~i think the software was provided in the CD if u purchase the board.  

Both verilog and VHDL has different keywords and verilog : wire while for VHDL : signal, but the style to develop to code for those two language is the same where there are : 

1~dataflow modelling ,2~behavioral modelling , 3~structural modelling 

It depends on your algorithm which suit the best. 

Though i would prefer VHDL because it was easier(i think~depends on u). 

You could have control the operation for LED through VHDL(totally hardware) or u could use SOPC builder in QuartusII and use NiosII to control the operation(through software control).