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HDMI board on DE2-70

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I've got a task, to generate a HDMI Signal via HDMI HSTC Board connected to DE2-70 via one more adapter board(which is not a problem so I do not write about it so much.). I'm beginner, so it's very difficult for me to initialize HDMI Transmitter using all those operation specified in Programming Guide. Is someone able to help me a bit? 

I tried to use programs from tutorial to HDMI HSTC Board but they're compiled for DE3 and i can't recompile it. 

I don't even need NIOS II if trasmitter could be initialized properly without it. 

So could someone help me with doing that initializiation?
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The HDMI board uses the Altera HSMC interface connector. This connector is not available on the DE2-70. If you need video output, why don't you use the VGA video-DAC that is already available on the DE2-70. It allows for a 240MHz video signal to be generated. This is OK for most current monitors. If you want to go with the HDMI board, you will have to use an FPGA board that supports a HSMC connector. Simply wiring up the GPIO's on the DE2-70 will probably bring you into trouble with speed problems...