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Help Needed - Interfacing SDRAM and VGA...

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Hi all, 


We have a little problem that is infuriating us, and so would love people's opinions on what we could try doing.  


We are currently trying to take an RGB input from a camera connected to the Altera DE2-70 board, and then ouput the data to a VGA controller. 


So far we are producing a test image (simulating the camera feed), writing it to the SDRAM and then reading it from the SDRAM to the onboard touch screen. We are doing this with the help of two Terasic frameworks: 

  • The 3-in-1 lab (for the SDRAM controller read/write...etc, write to screen) 

  • DE2-70 default demonstration (output to VGA)
For testing purposes, we have to route the image data from the SDRAM to the VGA output, instead of the touchscreen. We are hoping that we can use the VGA controller from the default demonstration framework in the 3-in-1 lab, however interfacing the SDRAM with the VGA controller is proving a challenge. 


Our main issue in trying to make them work together is understanding all the different clock speeds involved in each module, and therefore working out what needs to be changed, and what can remain the same.... 


Has anyone done anything like this before? Any help..?? 


Thanks in advance! 



p.s. If you have any questions or need more info, just let me know. Cheers :)
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Im struggling with similar problem (processing->SDRAM->VGA). It seems that there is very little documentation for various available SDRAM controllers. Like the one from SOPC builder / Nios - i could use it separately, but connecting and driving its inputs is guesswork. Then, most of the included samples for DE2 kit are Verilog ONLY. Ill try to post back if i succeed.

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