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Host Ethernet interfacing for custom application on DE4-230 board

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I've a problem...I designed a simple VHDL system for solving an equation (all parameters are fixed), this system has 3 inputs (a Start, Reset and Clock signals) and an output (a 32bit equation result data output); my idea is to control this system from my pc using a labview GUI, sending a Start command and waiting for 32bit result data. 

On web many people use Nios II for design such a system...but I'd like to avoid to use it...because I've not a lot of time to dedicate to it...Is there another way to do that??? 


Is there anybody who could help me??? 


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Use the simple socket server application. In my humble opinion you will spend more time trying to figure out a VHDL-only solution than learning and adapting NIOS for your purpose.