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How to convert the RGB signals from a Terrasic 5MP camera

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I am doing a project using Altera DE2-70 board, Terassic 5MP Camera. Using the ref design code the process of displaying the image from Camera to the LCD pannel is done. I have just played around with the data by converting the image to black and white, turned the image to negative. But now I want to do something better with the image like may be an edge detection.  


Since I don't know how to do that in verilog I am planning to do that in Matlab. 


I have copied the data to my computer using the control pannel application provided and its a binary file which is of no format. So have we got any way to convert that image to any recognised format like bmp and vice versa so that i can convert the image back and display it on the LCD pannel. 


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