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Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit™ Training Evaluation



I have completed Intel® Distribution of OpenVINO toolkit™ Training Evaluation quiz which was part of Intel Edge AI Workshop on 30 September 2021. I have passed the quiz but it says Register Devcloud to claim your certificate which directs to DevCloud for the Edge - Enrollment Form ,there my the first step Step 1: Sign in or Register is done but on second step ie, in Step 2: Activate Intel® DevCloud for the Edge ,i am getting an error message in which i can't proceed further.

May you please help me?

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Hi Gopi,

Thanks for contacting Intel support.

The error message says that you already have an account.

You can try to use the forgot password option incase , you have created an account in the past. Or may be during the work shop you have used the same credentials.

Please let us know so that we can rule out the issue of a duplicate account.

Thanks and Regards