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Issu developing a system with D5M camera + QSYS + SOPC + ECLIPSE

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hello, I am doing a final Project about video streaming with the D5M camera and the Board DE2-115 to see the video in a VGA. 

I started with SOPC selecting the camera in GPIO and after that, using qsys like in the example 4 (video_d5m_camera_in (or something similar)). I have no errors in qsys and compiling all the system in quartus. then i started eclipse to write a C program to stream the video, but when I use the function for clearing the screen o draw something in the screen ,nothing works,its only appears the hello world from the begining, and if i dont use any function of the pixel buffer the program open me all devices....I attach images of my files to see if someone could help me.  








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