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License Issue with Stratix 10

New Contributor I


I am trying to generate binary for DE10-pro (Stratix10) using OpenCL SDK.

I have quartus prime pro license which my professor received under University Program. But I am receiving this error.


Error (119013): Current license file does not support the 1SG280HU1F50E1VG device. Go to the Self-Service Licensing Center on the Intel FPGA website to manage your licenses (

Error: Quartus Prime Fitter was unsuccessful. 1 error, 1 warning

Error (23035): Tcl error:

Error (23031): Evaluation of Tcl script compile_script.tcl unsuccessful

Error: Quartus Prime Compiler Database Interface was unsuccessful. 2 errors, 0 warnings

Error: Compiler Error, not able to generate hardware


Please let me know if you need the LAC to resolve the issue.


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