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MAX 10 FPGA JAM Staple error



I am trying to program a MAX10 FPGA device by embedded JAM Staple utility modified to run on microcontroller on my board.

I am able to do this operation when the device is already programmed so I can update the FPGA.

Instead, when the device is erased I have the error "Device configuration failure" so I can't program the device for the first time.

I have the same error if I use the jam file created starting form the sof file.

Could you provide any information about this item.



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Hi Marco,


Can you to program the JAM created with POF? Also, may i know what is the download cable used for this? Also can you check if the memory for the host processor is sufficient?


Thank You

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Hi SooY,

if I use the USB Blaster cable with Quartus Programmer I don't have any problem to program the FPGA with pof file.

I'm working on two different boards, one with 10M25Sc and the other with 10M16DC device.

I modified the JAM Staple software to execute it on a PC (Windows based) transferring data by UART to microcontroller

on board. The microcontroller execute only the operations reported in the jamjtag.c.

I created the JAM file with pof file, but the JAM Staple procedure executes anyway the configuration of FPGA before

to start the programming.

If the FPGA was previously programmed (by USB Blaster), the configuration is executed without error and then is executed

the programmation. I verified the FPGA is really upgraded.

If the FPGA was previously erased (by USB Blaster), the configuration fails and the programmation is not executed.

I can yet verify if I have the same behaviour using the JAM STaple software with the parallel port and ByteBlaster probe.

I will let you know

Thank you

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Sorry for the delay in my response. I have verified the configuration with JAM Staple software using parallel port and ByteBlaster probe works properly.

I made some mistakes in the data management during the configuration command.

I was misled by the fact that all other writing and reading operations via JTAG were working properly.

Thanks in any case.

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