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Newbie Needs Help please

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I was trying to simulate my design. It compiled fine and I actually downloaded to the DE2-115 board and it worked as expected. When I try to simulate the design I keep getting this message. The problem seems to be in the error message at the bottom but I can not figure out what to do. Any help will be appreciated. Thank you 


Determining the location of the ModelSim executable... 

Using: c:/intelfpga_lite/17.0/modelsim_ase/win32aloem/ 

To specify a ModelSim executable directory, select: Tools -> Options -> EDA Tool Options 

Note: if both ModelSim-Altera and ModelSim executables are available, ModelSim-Altera will be used. 

**** generating the modelsim testbench **** 

quartus_eda --gen_testbench --tool=modelsim_oem --format=vhdl --write_settings_files=off dummy -c dummy --vector_source="c:/users/marcu/desktop/fall 2017/advanced digital design/de2-115 projects/before_class_projects/dummy/waveform.vwf" --testbench_file="c:/users/marcu/desktop/fall 2017/advanced digital design/de2-115 projects/before_class_projects/dummy/simulation/qsim/waveform.vwf.vht" 

Info: ******************************************************************* 

Info: Running Quartus Prime EDA Netlist Writer 

Info: Version 17.0.0 Build 595 04/25/2017 SJ Lite Edition 

Info: Copyright (C) 2017 Intel Corporation. All rights reserved. 

Info: Your use of Intel Corporation's design tools, logic functions 

Info: and other software and tools, and its AMPP partner logic 

Info: functions, and any output files from any of the foregoing 

Info: (including device programming or simulation files), and any 

Info: associated documentation or information are expressly subject 

Info: to the terms and conditions of the Intel Program License 

Info: Subscription Agreement, the Intel Quartus Prime License Agreement, 

Info: the Intel MegaCore Function License Agreement, or other 

Info: applicable license agreement, including, without limitation, 

Info: that your use is for the sole purpose of programming logic 

Info: devices manufactured by Intel and sold by Intel or its 

Info: authorized distributors. Please refer to the applicable 

Info: agreement for further details. 

Info: Processing started: Mon Sep 04 11:45:46 2017 

Info: Command: quartus_eda --gen_testbench --tool=modelsim_oem --format=vhdl --write_settings_files=off dummy -c dummy --vector_source="C:/Users/marcu/Desktop/Fall 2017/Advanced Digital Design/DE2-115 Projects/Before_Class_Projects/dummy/Waveform.vwf" --testbench_file="C:/Users/marcu/Desktop/Fall 2017/Advanced Digital Design/DE2-115 Projects/Before_Class_Projects/dummy/simulation/qsim/Waveform.vwf.vht" 

Warning (18236): Number of processors has not been specified which may cause overloading on shared machines. Set the global assignment NUM_PARALLEL_PROCESSORS in your QSF to an appropriate value for best performance. 

error (199014): vector source file c:/users/marcu/desktop/fall 2017/advanced digital design/de2-115 projects/before_class_projects/dummy/waveform.vwf specified with --testbench_vector_input_file option does not exist 

error: quartus prime eda netlist writer was unsuccessful. 1 error, 1 warning 

error: peak virtual memory: 521 megabytes 

error: processing ended: mon sep 04 11:45:47 2017 

error: elapsed time: 00:00:01 

error: total cpu time (on all processors): 00:00:01 


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