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Reference design for Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III

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Hi all... 


Part of my final year project I should built a system in FPGA to control Actuators through the connection RS_232 from the Nios II Embedded Evaluation Kit, Cyclone III ... 


I would like to have a reference design thats includes RS_232 connection with it is assigned pins. As I searched in website I found a design(application selector) that connect most of the hardwares but exclude the rs_232... 

So anyone got any ideas or a design that include this port?
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Not quite sure if you're after schematics, software or connector/cable info. 


Check out 


for info on the NIOS UART. 


I can't remember whether the NIOS Eval board has a 9 way D for RS-232 or whether you need to access the interface through the HSMC connector. Check the documentation that came with the kit. It should be in there somewhere. 


Good luck
Honored Contributor II

thanks four replayin.... 


but I'm after to a reference design software for quarus and SOPC... 


Or any suggestions how to build one by adding the UART_RS232, because this port is connected through a HMSC port to The cyclone III....
Honored Contributor II

Can you make a daughterboard with the HMSC connector on it? If you can spin a custom daughterboard, just pick some GPIO pins on the HMSC connector to be your serial signals. You can use the Samtec# ASP-122952-01 as the mating connector, just watch the pin numbers as some pins on the Starter kit have been depopulated. (it will be a beast to solder the grounding rails by hand, but for RS232 at moderate speeds it should be 'good enough' even with the grounds poorly connected)  


If you can't spin the custom board, terasic sells a gpio breakout board ( for $50 that you could easily bolt your breadboarded serial port circuit to. 


If you don't want to prototype any circuit (and you have a couple hundred $$), you could upgrade to the neek (, which has a RS-232 output on it already.