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SD Card IP Core Compatibility (DE1)

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I'm currently trying to use the University Program SD Card IP Core with my Altera DE1 Board (EP2C20F48FC7) and unfortunately I haven't been able to get it working.After I had some issues with my own setup, I added the SD card interface to the example DE1 Media Computer provided with the UP. I then tried to run my C code as well as the sample code provided in the SD Card Interface for SoPC builder.pdf but it didn't work.  


The issue as far as I can tell is that the command alt_up_sd_card_is_Present() always returns false. I've tried three different SD card so far including a 2GB SanDisk card and an unbranded microSD card connected via an adapter. I've made sure to format in FAT16 as given as well. I've also tried to get the DE1 SD Card Audio example on the Terasic website running too but that doesn't work either. As far as I can tell this most likely means my SD cards aren't compatible unless I made a mistake somewhere.  


So my main question is, are only specific kinds of SD cards compatible with the system and if so could you please let me know which ones? I'm using Quartus 64 bit 13.0.1 and can provide my whole project if necessary. Thanks in advance. 


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It's been a rather long time since I posted this but I managed to solve this problem. Firstly this was a problem with my top level entity and pin assignments, which I fixed. Secondly only certain SD cards work. I managed to get a Transcend 2GB microSD card working but the rest of my cards, which are unbranded, did not (probably because of incompatible speed class). It would probably be beneficial if Altera provided a specification of which types of cards work since I can't find any in the relevant documentation. 


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