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SOFT Problem

Honored Contributor II

Hello I'm a student in intership and my project is to make a usb connection with the DE2 card ! 




PC (host) -----(usb in serial)---->(DE2, usb device(isp1362)) 



for Make this systeme I use  


Labwindow/cvi fort send the data . 

Quartus II Nios II and DE2 CARD with (a cyclone II) 



IN the cd I use Cdrom of DE2 card 

I use the demo Software for understand the functionning of the Universal serial bus ! 



this is a link with my project;13633905;/fileinfo.html 



Look the altera software Send 2 messages add and clear ADD ! (




ADD correspond to : ??????? that is the question :D 


Clear correspond to : 0x55 or 0b 1010101  


What is the variable of the data is stock ? 


what is in the programme ISR.C ("in the link of the project"): 




bUSBCheck_Device_State.State_bits.RESET_BITS = 1;  




Is possible to explain to me the programme ISR.C please !! 




In the globality my project is the to simulate the communication between the computer and one capteur Of ATLAS detector !
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