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Sending/Receiving Data to/from Altera DE2-115 via Ethernet


I am working on a project where I am hoping to send data from my computer to the FPGA, and then receive data from the FPGA on my computer.

I've been looking through this tutorial for an idea of how to work with the protocol. I originally thought that I was typing in strings into the terminal that would then be sent to the FPGA, and then the FPGA bounced the string back to me. I think what is actually happening is that I am entering in a string from the FPGA side which is transmitted to the PC, and then it is loopbacked to the FPGA.


Is there a way for me to send data to the FPGA, and then for me to receive data from it? Ultimately, my goal is to use a text file to send a text file via ethernet to the FPGA, process the data, and then send an ethernet packet back to the PC and write the new ethernet packet to a new text file. Can someone explain a little bit more about if it is even possible to send data to the FPGA via ethernet and if there are any projects which do this? (I'm having issues also finding projects with ethernet).


Also, please let me know if I'm making this post in the correct location.

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The first thing you need to take note is Intel FPGA triple speed ethernet (TSE) IP solution doesn't cover the whole Ethernet OSI layer and only reach until MAC layer.

  • Meaning user is expected to build your top level application software to interact with TSE IP in the FPGA

Most likely you won't find direct fit reference design that can match with DE2-115 board directly but below is some link that you can explore to find something closer to your design requirement




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