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Stacks and IP for DE2-115

Honored Contributor II

Hi everybody 


I'd like to purchase a very complete tool to develop FPGA systems. I've seen that DE2-115 is a very complete tool and has almost everything that I need. VGA, Ethernet, RS232, memory, USB, Audio, SD card, etc. But I have a couple of questions. 


  1. Where do I get the IP and software stacks to deploy a system that uses all this board resources? 

  2. Does Quartus come with all IP and software stacks needed in order to develop a complete system? 

  3. Could I port a design made in the DE2-115 to a custom board? 

  4. Do Anybody have experience developing with the DE2-115 and porting the design to a custom board? 



I ask this because I need a tool that allows me to design systems without having to manufacture the final application hardware because this is very costly, instead, develop the system in the tool, debug it, fine tune it in order to design and manufacture only once the final hardware. 


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