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Uart communication


I am new to this stuff. I am stuck at a point. I am using DE1 SOC board and I just want send a file from PC to usb uart0. I am using intel monitor program. Can some body send me an sample arm program in c using intel monitor project and communication with usb uart. I have configured usb uart but I am not sure 

about it. Help me please how can I accomplish this task.


I am using intel monitor sample program named as JTAG Uart and trying to convert it for usb uart. 

I am lost seeing the register and configuration of port . in the link

Please if possible some body can send me a sample project for HPS arm communicating with USB Uart using intel monitor program on the software side and DE1 soc computer system on the hardware side. 



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You can find details about the uart core of Cyclone V SoC from below reference manual.