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University IP : Audio Core

Honored Contributor II

I'm trying to test the Audio CODEC on DE2 Board. 

I used Up_Avalon_Audio Core (from University IP Core, version 8.1) to building a system on NIOS II (using the Quartus 10.0sp1 Web Edition). Then, i used the "NIOS II 10.0 Software Build Tools for Eclipse" to building software for it. 

I included "altera_up_avalon_audio.h", and then call function alt_up_audio_open_dev(AUDIO_CONTROLLER_NAME); to open the AUDIO device. But result is "NULL", it cannot find Audio device!!!. 

I'm sure the AUDIO_CONTROLLER_NAME exactly, it defined in "system.h". 

Anybody help me ???.
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Honored Contributor II

I am having the same issue with the 90 version of the University IP Core. Was there a solution to this? 


my audio core is called "audio_0" in SOPC and "/dev/audio_0" does not work neither does using the "AUDIO_0_NAME"# defined in system.h