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University IP's VGA Controller for DE1

Honored Contributor II

I installed UP_IP_Library.exe (classic 6.0.0 version), which supposedly has a VGA controller for the DE1 board.  


Unfortunately, it only goes up to 320x240, not the 640x480 that is stated in the documentation. Looking at the SOPC tcl/ptf file shows that the 640x480 option was commented out: 



# {  

# title = "640 x 480"; 

# enable = 0; 

# DATA  

# { 


# $P/PIXEL_ADDR_WIDTH = "19"; 

# $P/MEGA_PIXEL_SIZE = "0"; 


# $P/BACK_BUFFER_RESET = "1h0"; 

# } 




Any ideas why this was removed, or where the 640x480 version for the DE1 board can be found? 


BTW, the VGA Controller in UP_IP_Library_8.0.exe (version 8.0.0) only supports DE2 and DE2-70, although its altera_up_avalon_to_external_bus_bridge component is a 25mhz clock generator... why this is useful when there's already a 25mhz clock on board is beyond me!)
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