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VGA to NTSC converter

Honored Contributor II

Hello good evening  


I would like if possible, someone would post an example in using the Verilog converter "NTSC" to "vga". That is, I would like to connect a camera at the entrance RCA "video in" and generate the output image in "vga" the DE2-70 board.
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Hello Jovander, 


Why dont used the code provided together with DE2-70 board, DE2-70 TV demo? NTSC, camera with TV out, u can streaming the video at VGA. If u have the original code, I figure there is some problem. If u want to make it work, u have to change this. 


// Turn On TV Decoder 

assign oTD1_RESET_N = 1'b1;(Uncomment this one, ori this disable) 

//assign oTD2_RESET_N = 1'b1;(Comment this one, original this one enable) 


// Set SD Card to SD Mode 

assign SD_DAT3 = 1'b1; 


// Enable TV Decoder 

//assign oTD1_RESET_N = iKEY[0];(comment this part, just disable) 


I hope it will help u. 


C ya...
Honored Contributor II

Hi mr rahman,  


I am doing same thing but using DE2 board only and i also have DE2_TV demo from which i have been picking up guidence,  

if you could answer two questions only plz 


1. do i have to make any changes to code.  

2. do i have to write a program either in assembly or C to work with monitor program or NIOS respectively. as my supervisor keeps telling me i have to write a prog and i am having difficult what i have to write in that.
Honored Contributor II

Hi faddiUOA, 


1. For display the image or video from camera or video player, just plug the video cable at TV decoder input and load the program to the board. If u need to change the code, make sure for ur application only. The original program only display the image data connect trough TV decoder on the board. Read the manual for the specification. The input must NTSC format, for PAL u can email me at 

2. U can used the VGA_controller provided in the demo code, but u have to aware about the clock signal for the VGA. As for the TV demo code, the clock signal is synchronize from TV decoder. For NIOS??? I don't know. Sorry. In my opinion, u can used verilog hdl like the original code. 


For extra reading find this book: 

1. Rapid_Prototyping_of_Digital_Systems 

2. Video Demystified, Fifth Edition 


Hope this can help u.
Honored Contributor II

Hi everyone, 


Recently I face some problem about the interfacing of camera and TV decoder input, then output to VGA. What the difference here is I using the DE2 board with featuring an Altera Cyclone® II 2C35 FPGA, not the DE2-70. I had tried the DE2_TV demo code from the CD but the problem here is nothing display on VGA, seem like no data from TV decoder (LEDG and LEDR does not turn on). However the code work only for my DVD player so I wonder did I need to modify the DE2_TV code for the camera to work? 


Here is the link I post the problem: (

Best regard, 

Honored Contributor II

Hello, I have to use the RGB signals for another purpose, so i divide the demonstrator in two blocks, one that generate the RGB signals and other that put it in the VGA output. 


I didnt change the code, but some vertical lines are appearing over the video. 


Anyone knows why? 


thank you!