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Voltage conversion 3.3v -> 24v

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Hello all, 


I have a DE-2 board and I am looking to control a few PLCs. I need to take the 3.3v and convert it to 24v, as well as, take 24v and convert it to 3.3v. The DE-2 Board is acting like a divide by circuit. It takes an encoder signal at 24v (max 100kHz) as the clock and divides it down to produce a trigger. The divisible number is supplied via the 24v to 3.3v as a 16 bit value. (4 bits sent at a time)  


Going from 24v to 3.3v I believe I can just do a divide by circuit for the encoder but the 3.3v to 24v seems to be tricky at speeds greater than 5kHz. 


I have found so far: 


3.3v->5v 74HCT244 


5v->24v ? 


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These work nicely for switching higher voltages from FPGA IOs: 


but they're a little slow for your needs. 


Have you though of using a power supply MOSFET driver? 


For example, look at page 25 of this schematic: 


The Texas Instruments UCC27223 are logic-level input MOSFET drivers. You could use that component, or something similar, to switch 24V pretty rapidly, you'd just need to use MOSFETs with the right voltage rating. 



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Most gate driver IC (also UCC27223) are limited to 18 or 20 V supply voltage. For lower current and higher output voltage, you can either use special interface drivers, or e.g. fast operational amplifiers/comparators.